• India’s most modern, fully integrated facility for Molecular Pathology + Genetic Analysis + Tissue Investigation, spread over more than 25000 sq. ft.
  • India’s only Molecular Analysis facility with differential pressure and contamination resistant design.
  • Fully integrated sequencing + bio-informatics + human interface and interpretation platforms with access to international data bases.
  • Largest, fully collated proprietary genetic data base of more than 10,000 individuals of South Asian origin.
  • Widest range of tests and analytics with 300+ high impact investigations.
  • More than 400 Alliance Member interfaced touch points throughout India.
  • Top quality scientific and medical talent from leading universities and institutions of the world.
  • Datar Cancer Genetics Limited is committed to create a Centre of Excellence in precision genetic testing and analysis by continually improving its services so as to meet and exceed globally recognized standards and to maximize customer satisfaction.


We use state of the art molecular diagnostics and DNA sequencing systems and the data is analyzed by a team of bioinformatics professionals with access to the latest databases.

Our high quality molecular analysis platforms are an indispensable tool for the modern clinician. Our laboratory facility meets and exceeds the requirements of National and International Standards.

Our team of highly qualified medical professionals and scientists with education and experience from leading universities / institutions in the world contribute to interpret the data and give high quality reports for a wide range of molecular diagnostic services for Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Diabetes, High Resolution HLA Typing and Matching, Inherited Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases, Neonatal Screening, Pharmacogenetics and many more.