Once diagnosed with cancer, routinely patient receives the “conventional / standard” chemotherapy regimens. These regimens are common to all patients with that particular cancer type. Such “one size fits all” approach is one of the most important reasons of treatment failure and cancer recurrence. Cancer is a disease which has unique properties and differs in every patient and hence every patient responds differently to same chemotherapy.

Few patients undergo remission whereas few have cancer progression even after receiving cancer treatment. And this cancer progression or failure of treatment becomes evident after many days of receiving the chemotherapy and after suffering all the side effects of the chemotherapy. Time is very precious for successful cancer management and this precious time is lost with the conventional “trial and error” approach. At the same time, precious financial resources are wasted in drugs which had no benefit and gave harsh side effects. Hence it is very beneficial for the patient and the treating physician, if it is already known which drugs will give maximum benefit in that individual patient’s tumor.

Correkt-chemo directly tests the effect of chemotherapy / anti- cancer drugs on the patient’s tumor cells. It helps to customize your treatment plan according to sensitivity and resistance pattern of your tumor cells. When armed with this information, your physician and you can ensure that you receive the most effective chemotherapy from all available options.

This personalization of your chemotherapy by directly studying effect of chemotherapy drugs on cells taken from fresh biopsy sample of your tumor – is the Correkt-chemo test. In this test, fresh tumor cells obtained by biopsy / surgery are treated with different chemotherapy drugs. The effect of drug is measured directly by its ability to kill the tumor cells. Consequent upon this information, the drugs are listed in their order of comparative efficacy to kill the tumor cells.

Correkt-chemo is suitable for

  • Every cancer patient with or without metastasis, before starting cancer treatment.
  • Every patient who is under treatment for cancer.
  • Every patient in whom the cancer is not responding satisfactorily to therapy.


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