Cancer is a disease of the genes. Like every human being, each person’s cancer is unique. Unfortunately, conventional ‘Standard of Care’ approach does not take into consideration the overall genetic architecture of a particular patient’s tumor and consequently patients usually suffer due to failed therapies or aggressive relapse. It is thus imperative that the genetic architecture of the tumor is studied comprehensively before deciding the treatment plan.

Exacta unravels the deepest genetic secrets of an individual patient’s cancer by accurate, multi-coordinate analysis of all 22,000 genes in the cancer genome. Exacta reaches the depths of cancer’s mechanisms through 100s of millions of data points. This reveals the driver mutations and pathways that are propelling a particular person’s cancer and can be targeted with precision drugs. Exacta thus enables a highly sophisticated treatment strategy beyond conventional perspective. This is the unmatched strength of Exacta. Exacta is the latest and world’s best molecular analysis for difficult cancers.

Exacta is useful for cancer patients where

  • First Line Therapy has failed
  • Cancer has relapsed
  • Cancer is High Grade / Metastatic
  • Risk of Therapy Failure is high.

Exacta is available in two structures viz:


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