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Terms and Conditions

On my request, Datar Cancer Genetics Limited (DCGL) has agreed to permit me to access and download a copy of the specimen Test Report for ‘Gliotrack’ non-invasive liquid biopsy for brain tumor on the following express conditions which I hereby declare are binding on me and also declare that but for such acceptance by me, DCGL would not have permitted me to download and obtain printout of the said specimen report. I have read the Terms and Conditions set out below carefully and after full consideration and understanding my responsibility, and the fact that the information is provided to me for my bona fide personal use and made available in ‘trust’, I subscribe to the same as under:

Terms and Conditions:
  • I have correctly declared my true legal name in the information submitted at the time of my request.
  • That I am a person above the age of 18 years and legally competent to enter into a lawful and binding contract.
  • That I expressly recognize and do not dispute that DCGL is the sole Copyright holder and Intellectual Property holder in respect of all contents in regard to the test procedure, the process of analysis, layout and contents of the Report, the design and artwork and all such other intangible and intellectual property of DCGL which is materially related to the said Report and I undertake not to infringe and/or prejudicially use and/or disclose to any third person the said information / report / material particulars to the prejudice of DCGL.
  • That I shall not directly or indirectly derive any commercial benefit from the said material so downloaded by me and/or any intellectual property related thereto.
  • I recognize and declare that in case of breach of any of the aforesaid express covenants and all the implied duties of a trustee, DCGL would be entitled to both monetary and injunctive reliefs against me and I consent to passing an injunctive order against me in the event of infringement / breach of the aforesaid undertakings and declarations.
  • I solemnly declare as above.