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Nov 14-17, 2019

Location: Austria

ESMO – 11th European Multidisciplinary Congress on Urological Cancers – EMUC19

Diagnostic Non-Invasive Biopsy Can Substitute Conventional Tissue Dependent Procedures in Suspected Cases of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Nov 20-21, 2019

Location: Mumbai, India

World Cancer Congress 2019

Nov 20-24, 2019

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

SNO – 24th Annual Meeting and Education Day

  • Diagnosis of Gliomas Using Circulating Glial Cells.
  • Clinical Utility of Encyclopedic Tumor Analysis to Treat Patients with Brain Metastasis in Refractory Cancers.
  • Prospective, Blinded Plasma Based Analysis for Diagnosis of Newly Diagnosed Glioma.
  • In vitro Chemo Resistance Profiles of Circulating Glial Cells Replicate Chemo Characteristics of Tumor Tissue.

Nov 22-24, 2019

Location: Singapore

ESMO- Asia Congress, 2019

Clinical Utility of Encyclopedic Tumor Analysis to Treat Patients Advanced Refractory Head and Neck Cancers

Dec 10-14, 2019

Location: San Antonia, Texas, USA

AACR – San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

  • In vitro chemo interrogation of viable circulating tumor associated cells from breast cancer patients.
  • Circulating Ensembles of Tumor Associated Cells for Detection of Breast Cancer