Gliotrack™ detects tumor biomarkers like cell free tumor DNA (ctDNA), mRNA and microRNA released by the tumor cells in peripheral blood of the patient. Cell free tumor DNA (ctDNA) is released by the dying tumor cells whereas mRNA and microRNA are actively secreted in the form of exosomes by the live tumor cells.

Several circulating biomarkers in the peripheral blood such as circulating tumor cells, tumor derived cell free DNA (ctDNA), tumor derived micro-vesicles called exosomes are considered in recent years for their use in non-invasive assessment of tumor derived molecular artifacts due to their high sensitivity and specificity. The analysis of circulating, cell free DNA is one of the most promising technical advances to provide an alternative to tumor biopsy.

Cell-free DNA released by the tumor contains all variants present in the tumor, allowing precise non-invasive monitoring of cancer in real time. These biomarkers together represent the complete tumor activity. Detection of these biomarkers from peripheral blood overcomes the issue of molecular heterogeneity of tumor.

Gliotrack™ is suitable for

  • Patients with suspected glioma on MRI.
  • Patients with glioma who are unfit for biopsy e.g. Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or associated comorbidities.
  • Patients with inadequate tissue sample for molecular stratification /  prognostication.
  • Diagnosed glioma patients – to select optimum therapy or to monitor therapy response .
  • Patients on treatment – to distinguish true disease progression from treatment associated changes like radiation necrosis and to monitor residual disease.
  • Patients in remission – to detect recurrence at the earliest.


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