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What Non-Invasive in vitro Chemosensitivity on Circulating Tumor Associated Cells (C-TACs) to evaluate Resistance to chemotherapy drugs already administered.
For Whom All patients who have received chemotherapy at any stage of the disease.
Why Cancer cells have innate resistance to chemotherapy drugs and patients may not derive any benefit from therapy initiation itself. Also, such cells acquire resistance over a period of time although initially the cancer responds to treatment. It is necessary to be mindful of drug resistance so that patients do not suffer the cost and toxicity of useless drugs.
How C-TACs from peripheral blood are isolated and tested in vitro to observe comparative cell death when exposed to calibrated doses of cytotoxic drug which is required to be monitored for resistance.
Sample Type 22 ml peripheral blood (5-6 hours fasting) as per protocol.
Turn Around Time 8 days


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