TrubloodTM is a revolutionary Encyclopedic Liquid Biopsy that aims to substitute invasive tissue extraction for all cancers. Conceptualized and developed by Datar Cancer Genetics Ltd by efforts of several dozen scientist working relentlessly for the last five years, Trublood has been validated over thousands of samples – both from asymptomatic individuals and cancer patients.

Eliminates all Risks and Inconveniences Associated with Invasive Biopsies

About TruBlood

  • trublood™ is a non-Invasive, blood-based investigation for symptomatic individuals who have been advised a biopsy to check for malignancy.
  • trublood™ can also be considered for patients where an invasive biopsy has been inconclusive or inconsistent with clinical observations.
  • trublood™ is also recommended in case of suspected metastatic relapse to rule out new primary.
  • trublood™ utilities a proprietary technique to capture Circulating Tumor Cells from the blood with extremely high efficiency as well as permits Genomic Analysis of Circulating Tumor DNA.

Features TruBlood

  • Diagnostic determination i.e. malignant / non-malignant
  • Organ of origin confirmation
  • Classification viz. Adenocarcinoma / Squamous cell carcinoma etc.
  • Sub-classification viz. Hormone Receptor +ve / -ve etc.
  • lmmuno-cytochemistry for treatment guidance
  • FISH
  • ctDNA (Circulating Tumor DNA)

Invasive Biopsies can be Challenging

Risk of pain, complications related procedure and anaesthesia

Tissue sampling may be non-representative I inadequate


Risk of Tumor seeding by needle I Tumor handling

Repeat Biopsies are traumatic for the patients and carry higher risks


  • Comprehensive Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells, Tumor Associated Cells and ct-DNA enables classification, sub-classification, identification of origin of cells and other lmmuno-Cytochemistry Investigations that can completely substitute invasive biopsies without compromising on relevant information.
  • Validated for all solid organ cancers with more than 15,000 samples from cancer patients being the world’s largest trial (CTRl/2019/03/017918)( trialid=31879&EncHid=&userName=CTRI/2019/03/017918)
  • Accuracy better than 97%. Turn Around Time (TAT) 7 working days.
  • Extreme patient convenience (patient need not travel for the procedure and blood can be collected from the privacy of home / office) and can be highlight of cancer center.
  • Will be available from early 2020.