Datar Cancer Genetics

Datar Cancer Genetics


cancer or its recurrence or changes

in the tumor characteristics through
a simple blood test….

Keeping track of cancer is very critical

Cancer is best managed by a treatment plan that stays one step ahead of the tumor. Conventional techniques such as imaging or scans could take more than 3 months to detect the effectiveness of treatments. It is important to determine as quickly as possible if the cancer is responding to the therapy or is progressing.

Non-invasive blood based investigation that detects cancer derived biomarkers with ultra-high precision, specificity and reliability. Cancertrack can be used to monitor the disease / recurrence or changes in the tumor characteristics, as often as necessary, without the cost, risk and consequences of radiation from scans, hospitalisation, anaesthesia or painful surgical biopsies.

Monitoring Cancer or Its Recurrence or
Changes is suitable for

Every person who has been diagnosed with cancer; as a supplement to conventional biopsy for a more robust molecular diagnosis and baseline measurement of cell-free tumor DNA and RNA before the initiation of therapy.

Every patient who is in remission or a cancer survivor and needs monitoring

Every patient
who is
under treatment
for cancer

Every patient in whom the cancer is not responding satisfactorily to 'Standard of Care' therapy

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